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Second Opinion Services

For the most important things in life, second opinions are not just valuable; they are priceless.  At Evolution Private Wealth Management, Inc., we can offer you a second opinion and review of your financial planning strategies and portfolio. If your physician finds something wrong, you think nothing of getting another opinion. Why treat your financial health any different?

It’s all too common for one to build a portfolio or create a financial plan and let it gather dust over the years. The problem with this method is that you may be incurring unknown risk or missing out on the latest opportunities that align with your needs and objectives. We believe it’s important to not only regularly review your portfolio and strategy but also to get a second opinion.

When should you consider getting a second opinion?

  • Am I going through one of life’s transitions? This could include: a new job, marriage, divorce, a physical move, children or an upcoming transition into retirement.
  • Am I uncomfortable or unsure about the fees that I am paying and why I am paying them?
  • Is my portfolio too risky or do I need more growth?
  • Is my current advisor truly acting in my best interest?
  • Have I, or my family, experienced a change in our financial situation, whether it’s a new job, new child, new home, death in the family, or other significant event?
  • Can my financial plan and strategy, or my portfolio, be improved?

We can review specific areas of your financial life or a holistic review of all the pieces that fit together.

Use the form below, or reach out directly to find out if you are on the right track, with your portfolio and strategies.

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