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Client Experience Overview

Wealth Management Reinvented

“Our passion is helping you achieve your passions.”

Discover, Design and Direct is at the heart of all of our wealth management services. We believe that by viewing our processes through this client-focused lens, we can be a more effective advisor for our client family. Our job is to help you achieve and live your Passionate Life™.

We help you achieve your passions by using our innovative Evolve Wealth Management System™.

Our Evolve Wealth Management System™, includes not only uncovering your passions and goals, identifying your current financial situation and creating a sound strategy, but also identifies more subjective information that may affect your ability to follow through with your plan. An example of this might be a simulation on how you react during volatile periods in the stock market, or your feelings on how to protect your financial life during troubling life events.

While working with a trained, experienced advisor and our cutting-edge tools, you will engage with our Evolve Wealth Management System™. You will learn about yourself, feel more in control of your finances, and have a clear picture of your financial life.

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