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Why We're Different

We are in the business of serving people. Everything we do centers on helping you pursue your financial goals. We believe our firm stands out from other wealth management firms for several reasons:

A Self-Imposed Fiduciary Standard

Many people don’t realize that any firm that offers commission-based services is not required to serve in a fiduciary capacity. While we may not be required to do so, we maintain a fiduciary obligation in all that we do. We disclose any potential conflicts of interest and aim to do what is in your best interests. As a result, we strive to instill confidence so you know we are working for you, not a product carrier or firm.

A Behavioral Process

Even the best financial plan isn’t effective if your emotions won't allow for its growth. Too often, investors make irrational decisions. Striving to counteract this, we rely on a behavioral approach to our financial planning process, using the Evolve Wealth Management System and multiple other advanced tools. Through this systematic process, we develop your personal financial strategy that is designed to evolve over your lifetime as your needs and goals change. Learn more about our process and the Evolve Wealth Management System.

Emphasizing Risk Management

We approach financial planning and investing through a risk management lens. Too often, advisors and financial services firms may only share the positive side of a strategy or decision, without disclosing the implications if the market dips or an unexpected event occurs. We focus on potentially minimizing loss, rather than maximizing returns. By evaluating any gaps in your coverage and utilizing alternative investments that don’t rely on the markets going up to gain returns, we proactively work to help reduce your exposure.

An Advanced Investment Management Approach

We understand the market complexities today’s investors face. Avoiding short-lived investment fads, we instead focus on sound economic philosophies and using non-traditional investment vehicles. We strive to allow you to participate in the upside growth of the market while employing strategies to potentially reduce downside loss.

Compensation Options

While many firms limit their structure to a specific payment type, we allow our clients to choose how they want to pay. We offer three different compensation options:

  1. Fee-Based: Our compensation is based on a set percentage of your invested assets.
  2. Financial Planning: We can provide financial planning on an hourly basis for a set fee.
  3. Commission: We receive a fee to execute a trade or provide an insurance policy on your behalf.

However you choose to pay, we strive to ensure it creates value for you.

Select Client Base

We are a small boutique firm and we deliberately keep it that way. Our size allows us to provide personalized insight and extensive service throughout your life.

Education & Training

In an ever-changing industry, education is important. Beyond the advanced credentials our founder currently holds, including a Juris Doctor degree and the Accredited Investment Fiduciary® certification, we always looking for opportunities to expand our knowledge. We never stop trying to improve, whether it’s staying up-to-date on market trends or pursuing continuing education.