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Financial Planning Process

Our innovative financial planning process is driven by our Discover, Design and Direct approach. These three distinct phases are as follows:


We learn about your life’s Passions and Priorities.  In turn, you understand more about how and why we generate solutions and how they get you closer to your Passionate Life.


We create multiple strategy options, from which you can choose the most appropriate for you.


Take action as directed by you, only after you have a firm grasp on what it is, how it benefits you and possible consequences. In addition, you will have your own personalized website to track your assets and your progress.

  • Real Communication - Our unvarnished communication approach is used in identifying your passions and priorities.
  • Financial Report Card - We take inventory of your financial life.  Then, we run you through a behavioral simulation designed to help us choose solutions that you are more likely to adopt and stick with.  This step generates your Emotional Factor™ and Optimal Life Index™.

  • Real Choices - Once we identify your Passions and Priorities™ and then calculate your Emotional Factor™ and Optimal Life Index™, we create possible solutions.  These solutions integrate both the objective financial needs and behavioral calculations.  Integrating both calculations are crucial in designing a strategy that is both effective and client sustainable.

  • Real Answers - We present an overall interactive plan, based on the solutions that you chose. This plan lives and evolves over time and is designed to help you achieve your life’s passions.

  • Monitor and Adjust - Let’s face it, long-term plans change and so might your passions.  Therefore, we regularly monitor and discuss changes in your life.  Together, we make prudent adjustments based on life events, changing goals and passions, as well as market variations.