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Financial Planning Overview

Our approach to financial planning creates a living, breathing, evolving and collaborative strategy.  It is part of our Evolve Wealth Management System™

Our competitors, big or small, generally employ the same tired old planning process. This would include:

  • Plug your financial data into a one-sized, fixed calculation.
  • Use fixed assumptions about markets and your future.
  • Print out a static plan that doesn’t change.
  • Use the output to recommend their proprietary investment, insurance or other products.

Our approach to financial planning is tailored to your needs and then goes even further.  We have multiple structures, depending on your general needs. The plan is interactive, collaborative and updates daily.  Your planning strategy evolves over time; hence its name, Evolve Wealth Management System™.

We start by identifying whether a client requires a Sufficiency Strategy or an Efficiency Strategy.

Sufficiency Strategy

Sufficiency Strategy asks the question, “will I have enough to live out my Passionate Life™?”  It seeks to create a plan ensuring that you have enough assets to fulfill your passions.  In short, it is about making choices and living life through the lens of the future.

Efficiency Strategy

Efficiency Strategy assumes that there are plenty of assets, to fulfill your passions.  This approach is most commonly utilized by high, very high net worth clients, or those transitioning into retirement. We use “creative planning” techniques to answer the question, “how can I most efficiently utilize my assets to achieve my passions, protect my wealth, pass them on and attempt to limit my taxes?”